Sunday, January 17, 2010

60 whale lovers converge on Japanese consulate 12-1-2010

I Just uploaded a 10 min clip of the Brisbane demo on Tuesday 12th in response to Japanese whalers ramming and sinking the andy gil.

60 Sea Shepherd and Anti Whaling groups converge on Japanese consulate

Sea Shepherd and anti whaling groups converged on the Japanese consulate in Brisbane today, Tuesday 12th Jan to demand an immediate end to the annual Japanese whale kill in the Antarctic. Groups including Sea Shepherd, Surfers for Cetaceans, Byron Whale Action Group, Whales Alive and the Taaji Dolphin action group will hand the Japanese consulate individual letters expressing their concerns and demands. The protest started at 10-30 am on the ground floor of Comalco Place, 12 Creek St CBD Brisbane. Greens Senator Andrew Bartlet, Brisbane Sea Shepherd coordinator Michael Dalton will be two of the speakers addressing the colorful and musical protest crowd.

Founder of Byron Whale Action Group, Dean Jefferys and and others present also plan to hand deliver a message to the head offices of large Japanese companies in Brisbane to inform them of the international boycott campaign if whaling continues. Similar protests are occurring all around the world this week.

Jefferys said, " This protest is to support the Sea Shepherds activities opposing the whalers and condemn Japanese whalers dangerous activities ramming and sinking the Sea Shepherd boat, Andy Gil. It is also to demand Japan stop killing whales immediately in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary and to inform them of an International campaign to Boycott Japanese Products if Japan continues to kill whales. Maybe the CEOs of the big Japanese companies will start to lobby the Japanese Prime Minister on our behalf when they start loosing millions of dollars in sales and Japan looses millions of dollars in tax revenue due to an international boycott campaign." Jefferys said "We now have a Federal court ruling declaring Japanese whaling in Australian Antarctic waters is illegal yet the Australian Government doesn't want to enforce the injunction. Environment Minister Peter Garrett should instruct Japan not to kill whales in Australian Antarctic waters and the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary or it will carry out its promise and take Japan to the international court. The Japanese Whaling fleet is currently in the Antarctic planning to kill 50 endangered fin and 50 humpbacks whales and up 935 minke whales. While the Sea Shepherds are stopping the Japanese fleet killing whales and costing Japan its profits in the Antarctic, consumers around the world can contribute to sinking the whaling fleet economically by Boycotting Japanese Products and Services.”

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dave Rastovich +Howie Cooke and crew paddle/sail 700km from Byron Bay to Bondi arrived today for the whales

Dave Rastovich +Howie Cooke and crew paddle/sail 700km from Byron Bay to Bondi arrived today. On ya lads, Whales and dolphins..forever free...

Dave Rastovich is on the home stretch of his 700km ocean paddle from Byron Bay to Bondi, and wants you to cross the finish line with him on Thursday. If you’re in Sydney get along to Bondi at 11am and paddle out to meet Rasta and his crew as they bring it home on the final leg. The Transparentsea mission was to raise awareness of the need to protect cetaceans and keep our oceans clean, so if you wanna show the boys some support after their epic trek, paddle out.
Making waves with Howie Cooke's banner in Sydney Harbour yesterday Nov.3rd

Posted by TransparantSea on the November 5th 2009, in All
(Thursday, November 5th, Bondi Beach, NSW, Australia): The anti-whaling and environmental awareness campaign initiated by professional free-surfer and activist Dave Rastovich (Brunswick Heads, NSW, AUS) reached its exciting conclusion at Bondi Beach, Sydney today following an epic and testing 36 day voyage by sea which began at Byron Bay on October 1st.

Anti-whaling and environmental campaigner, free-surfer Dave Rastovich rides his last wave to shore at Bondi following an epic 36 day, 700+km voyage from Byron Bay. Image credit Skennar/Transparentsea
Dubbed “Transparentsea” the campaign takes aim at the Australian Government’s lack of action on Japanese whaling activity in the Southern Ocean, as well as highlighting areas of environmental concern along Australia’s eastern seaboard.
Rastovich and his fellow campaigners, including surfer/artist Chris Del Moro (San Diego, CA, USA), musician Will Conner (Byron Bay, NSW, AUS), activist Howie Cooke (Byron Bay, NSW, AUS) and photographer Hilton Dawe (Byron Bay, NSW, AUS) were welcomed to shore by hundreds of well-wishers and supporters, having accrued nearly 800km at sea in their trimaran kayaks, as they traced the path of migrating humpback whales south.

Surfers show their support by paddling out to greet the Transparentsea team at Bondi. Image credit Skennar/Transparentsea
Rastovich, who in 2005 co-founded the group “Surfers for Cetaceans” and was this year one of just 300 invitees to Al Gore’s “The Climate Project” Asia Pacific Summit in Melbourne, recounted the incredible personal interaction he and his team had experienced alongside whales during their journey and encouraged the Australian public and all-like minded people to pressure Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Minister for the Environment, Peter Garrett to uphold their pre-election promises.
“Kevin Rudd and Peter Garrett told the Australian people they would enforce and uphold international laws that would prevent the Japanese from targeting whales in the Southern Ocean Sanctuary. To date they have not acted on these promises,” said Rastovich.
“We’re here as representatives of the global surfing community and all people who are passionate about saving these amazing mammals, and we’re asking Rudd and Garrett to act now and do what they said they were going to do.”
“Everyone we’ve encountered during our trip, in every coastal town and at every beach, has been shocked to learn the Government is not acting on this issue,” said Rastovich.
During their frequent stops down the coast, the Transparentsea team in conjunction with Surfrider Foundation and Tangaroa Blue also initiated beach-cleanups with all the rubbish collected, tabulated and added to the National Marine Debris database.
“This journey has given us first-hand experience, undeniable proof, that our beaches may look good from far, but they are far from good. We visited beaches that did not have a single human footprint yet they’re covered with plastic and other forms of garbage that damage ecosystems and enter the food chain where it stays forever,” Rastovich added.
Rastovich asked that anyone who cared about the whaling issue to send a message to their local council or addressed direct to Peter Garrett and Kevin Rudd, to prompt the government into action.

Left to Right the Transparentsea campaigners included photographer Hilton Dawe, musician Will Conner, surfer Dave Rastovich, surfer Chris Del Moro, activist Howie Cooke. Image credit Skennar/Transparentsea

A petition has been established at

Posted by TransparantSea on the November 3rd 2009, in All

Following an epic 700km ocean odyssey tracing the trail of migrating humpback whales from Byron Bay, the group of anti-whaling environmental campaigners led by professional free-surfer and activist Dave Rastovich (Brunswick Heads, NSW) is on track to culminate at Bondi Beach this Thursday at 11am.

Sign the petition now!

For the whales
Dean Jefferys

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"The Cove" Screening and Q+A with Dave Rastavich S4C

"The Cove" will be screening in Byron Bay Dendy cinema on thursday 3rd of Sep. Start 7pm. After the film I will give a brief rundown of the situation facing the whales and dolphins and introduce Dave Rastavich from Surfers for Cetaceans who was at Taiji, (The Cove) in Japan. He will do Q+A. "The Cove" is now screening in cinemas globally.
Winner of the audience award at Sundance, Sydney, Hot docs etc. A must see doco.

Due to "The Cove" and a little People power Broome to dump Taiji as
sister city over dolphin slaughter
Broome Shire will sever a sister city relationship with a Japanese
town that hosts the killing of more than 20000 dolphins a year after
an emotion-charged special council meeting this afternoon. see

Deep-sea death sentence: Heartbreaking images of a whale trapped in a
fishing net
Read more:

Im Planning to buy a 28 ft Wharram catamaran in a few weeks in Cairns
with some friends $15000. There may be a 1/4 share for $4000
available ( can sell share at any
time) My plan is for it to be a whale and dolphin campaign boat + have
lots of fun on her. Sail her back to Brunswick for summer and GBR and
whales in winter. Anyone interested?

Im using face book and twitter a lot more to share info so if you want
more, become a friend. Leave a comment about whales to ensure your

Dont forget actions against the repco rally in tweed start 3rd sep

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Whale Watch Operators + Conservationists oppose Japans Humpback kill plan

Draft Media release 25-6-09

Whale Watch Operators + Conservationists oppose Japans Humpback kill plan

Rob Dalton from "Whale Watching Byron Bay" and Dean Jefferys from "Byron Whale Action Group" are opposed to Japans plan to kill 50 Humpback whales as part of their "Scientific research " program. To express that opposition Whale Watching Byron Bay are hosting a Whale Watching tour for whale supporters to protest to Japan to keep their harpoons away from Ozzy Humpbacks and in fact all Whales and Dolphins. The tour leaves from the Pass at Byron Bay at 9-30 am on Friday 26th June. Media are invited to the launch at 9.10 am for Photos or interviews.

As the International Whaling Commission, IWC, concludes in Madeira, Portugal, it appears Japan has succeeded in maintaining business as usual and will continue to allocate its own quota to kill over a 1000 whales under the disguise of "Scientific research" This is despite the review of its JARPA 11 "Scientific research " being exposed as a shame during questioning at the IWC. Australia seems unable to close this loophole and reform the IWC to the International Whale Conservation Commission.

Japan is continuing to push for commercial whaling off its shores which goes against the whaling moratorium and would set a dangerous precedent that other countries would like to follow. Norway and Iceland have already broken the moratorium and have started killing whales under a commercial hunt.

Australia introduced its global cetacean report at the IWC which says there are 13 million people went whale watching in 113 countries that spend around 2.1 billion US dollars. Whale watching is one of the fastest growing eco-friendly businesses and whaling nations are threatening these businesses with their continuing killing of whales.

Rob Dalton from Whale Watching Byron Bay said " We opposes all forms of commercial whaling including the Japanese scientific whaling program. We are particularly concerned that Japan may include up to fifty humpback whales from the population that migrates along Australia’s east coast. This humpback whale migration is worth millions of dollars to local communities associated with the east coast’s whale watching industry. Including humpback whales in the Japanese quota could have a negative effect on this industry.From an economic perspective whales are worth far more as a living resource rather than an expendable resource."

Dean Jefferys from Byron Whale action group said "I support Australia efforts to try and reform the IWC and develop and promote regional non-lethal cetacean research yet Peter Garretts seems unable to close Japans "Scientific research " loophole which essentially means nothing has changed at this years IWC and even more whales will be killed this year. Instead of relying on the IWC to save whales I would like to see Peter Garretts honor his pre election promise and take Japan to the "International court of the Seas" As the Rudd government refuses to do this and the IWC seems incapable of preserving whales I am calling on consumers to exercise there power as conscious consumers and boycott the products from the whaling nations such as Japan, Iceland, Denmark and Norway. If these countries refuse to listen to global public opinion on this issue then a global boycott campaign will pressure whaling nations directly to end this outdated and barbaric practice."

The Whale Watching tour leaves from the Pass at Byron Bay at 9-30 am on Friday 26th June. Media are invited to the launch at 9.10 am for Photos or interviews.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pre IWC Whale Films+Info nights

Want to inform you that im rescheduled and re screening my whale film
nights for the 18, 19 and 21st of june this month, thats around 10
days away. So dont dispare you missed it during the last flood you
have a second chance. ALSO im promoting a friend from South Africas
shamanic film "The Cognition Factor" @ Starseed Shed 21st 8pm. see
posters attached or info below for details of venues and times. Also
Chip Richards has organised the one song project events for the winter
solstice Sun 21st. Dawn ceremony at little
watigos 8-45 am 8am one song. And Activities at Starseed Shed from
midday till my films at 7pm

Dont forget the International Whaling Commission starts in Portugal on
the 22nd june so now is a good time to lobby local member, Garret,
Rudd, and especially Iceland to stop killing whales. Some email
contacts and form letter on first story @ Also email big Japanese companies
especially Toyota, say you will boycott their products while their
country continues to kill whales. See the action we did at and more on the film night.

Also reminding people I still have room in my two 10 day Whale Swim
retreats in Tonga in August. $3200 plus airfares.(approx $800) See
more info of the tour and clips at contact Dean 66840290

If you could forward this email on to your list of friends that would be great.

Whale Films +Info nights

Days before the International Whaling Commission, (IWC) starts in
Portugal Whale Activist/Filmmaker Dean Jefferys will be presenting
information on whats happening and how we can help the whales plus
film clips from, Swimming with whales in Tonga, Hervey Bay, Amazon,
IWC Chile 2008, Sea Shepherds in Antarctic 2009, local Boycott Japan
whaling protest + more $10/$8

Suffolk Park Hall Thursday 18th June 7-30 pm.

Mullumbimby Drill Hall Friday19th 7.30 pm

Byron Bay Starseed Gardens, Sunday 21st 7PM. Past the Pig house
flicks, on Skinners Shoot Rd, left into Yagers Lane, go to end. Starts
at 3.30pm with Solstice whale meditation then 7.00pm with presentation
+ films on the whaling issue by Dean Jefferys. Followed @ 8pm with

World Premier of "The Cognition Factor" A Shamanic Quest to answer the
big 5 questions relating to the human experience. $10/$8

Monday, May 4, 2009

Nimbin Mardi Grass drug law reform rally May 2009

Nimbin Mardi Grass festival/parade A video says a million words. See below Part 3 of a 30 min recording of the Protest to end marijuana prohibition and change the drugs laws in Nimbin NSW Australia. See the Joint rolling competition and me being drug tested by police, shot with a hidden camera. To see more Mardi Grass clips and
shamanic material see