Sunday, January 17, 2010

60 whale lovers converge on Japanese consulate 12-1-2010

I Just uploaded a 10 min clip of the Brisbane demo on Tuesday 12th in response to Japanese whalers ramming and sinking the andy gil.

60 Sea Shepherd and Anti Whaling groups converge on Japanese consulate

Sea Shepherd and anti whaling groups converged on the Japanese consulate in Brisbane today, Tuesday 12th Jan to demand an immediate end to the annual Japanese whale kill in the Antarctic. Groups including Sea Shepherd, Surfers for Cetaceans, Byron Whale Action Group, Whales Alive and the Taaji Dolphin action group will hand the Japanese consulate individual letters expressing their concerns and demands. The protest started at 10-30 am on the ground floor of Comalco Place, 12 Creek St CBD Brisbane. Greens Senator Andrew Bartlet, Brisbane Sea Shepherd coordinator Michael Dalton will be two of the speakers addressing the colorful and musical protest crowd.

Founder of Byron Whale Action Group, Dean Jefferys and and others present also plan to hand deliver a message to the head offices of large Japanese companies in Brisbane to inform them of the international boycott campaign if whaling continues. Similar protests are occurring all around the world this week.

Jefferys said, " This protest is to support the Sea Shepherds activities opposing the whalers and condemn Japanese whalers dangerous activities ramming and sinking the Sea Shepherd boat, Andy Gil. It is also to demand Japan stop killing whales immediately in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary and to inform them of an International campaign to Boycott Japanese Products if Japan continues to kill whales. Maybe the CEOs of the big Japanese companies will start to lobby the Japanese Prime Minister on our behalf when they start loosing millions of dollars in sales and Japan looses millions of dollars in tax revenue due to an international boycott campaign." Jefferys said "We now have a Federal court ruling declaring Japanese whaling in Australian Antarctic waters is illegal yet the Australian Government doesn't want to enforce the injunction. Environment Minister Peter Garrett should instruct Japan not to kill whales in Australian Antarctic waters and the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary or it will carry out its promise and take Japan to the international court. The Japanese Whaling fleet is currently in the Antarctic planning to kill 50 endangered fin and 50 humpbacks whales and up 935 minke whales. While the Sea Shepherds are stopping the Japanese fleet killing whales and costing Japan its profits in the Antarctic, consumers around the world can contribute to sinking the whaling fleet economically by Boycotting Japanese Products and Services.”