Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pre IWC Whale Films+Info nights

Want to inform you that im rescheduled and re screening my whale film
nights for the 18, 19 and 21st of june this month, thats around 10
days away. So dont dispare you missed it during the last flood you
have a second chance. ALSO im promoting a friend from South Africas
shamanic film "The Cognition Factor" @ Starseed Shed 21st 8pm. see
posters attached or info below for details of venues and times. Also
Chip Richards has organised the one song project events for the winter
solstice Sun 21st. Dawn ceremony at little
watigos 8-45 am 8am one song. And Activities at Starseed Shed from
midday till my films at 7pm

Dont forget the International Whaling Commission starts in Portugal on
the 22nd june so now is a good time to lobby local member, Garret,
Rudd, and especially Iceland to stop killing whales. Some email
contacts and form letter on first story @ Also email big Japanese companies
especially Toyota, say you will boycott their products while their
country continues to kill whales. See the action we did at and more on the film night.

Also reminding people I still have room in my two 10 day Whale Swim
retreats in Tonga in August. $3200 plus airfares.(approx $800) See
more info of the tour and clips at contact Dean 66840290

If you could forward this email on to your list of friends that would be great.

Whale Films +Info nights

Days before the International Whaling Commission, (IWC) starts in
Portugal Whale Activist/Filmmaker Dean Jefferys will be presenting
information on whats happening and how we can help the whales plus
film clips from, Swimming with whales in Tonga, Hervey Bay, Amazon,
IWC Chile 2008, Sea Shepherds in Antarctic 2009, local Boycott Japan
whaling protest + more $10/$8

Suffolk Park Hall Thursday 18th June 7-30 pm.

Mullumbimby Drill Hall Friday19th 7.30 pm

Byron Bay Starseed Gardens, Sunday 21st 7PM. Past the Pig house
flicks, on Skinners Shoot Rd, left into Yagers Lane, go to end. Starts
at 3.30pm with Solstice whale meditation then 7.00pm with presentation
+ films on the whaling issue by Dean Jefferys. Followed @ 8pm with

World Premier of "The Cognition Factor" A Shamanic Quest to answer the
big 5 questions relating to the human experience. $10/$8

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